Complete Psychiatric Evaluations

Your initial psychiatric evaluation is a detailed visit where you explain what help you're looking for and we supply you with options for treatment. We will ask detailed questions about the problem you're having such as how long it has been going on, what it feels like to you, what things you've tried to resolve your symptoms, and what sort of outcome you're expecting. We will ask questions regarding your history, where you were born, your current living situation, your education, your family, and any previous diagnoses or treatments. We also want to know things such as how well you sleep, how well you eat, what medications you take, if you take vitamins or supplements, and how active you are. During your first visit to our office we ask that you bring any medical records in your possession to supplement our evaluation. Please bring any notes from your previous psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or counselor; in addition, please bring any documentation you might have from your primary care doctor, neurologist, or any other specialists you may have seen.

Genesight Testing

GeneSight Psychotropic is a pharmacogenomic test that analyzes clinically important genetic variations that may affect your response to psychiatric medications. The results of the test can provide your doctor with information about which medications may be more likely to work for you based on your genetic makeup. It can also identify medications that may require dose adjustments, may be less likely to work, or may have an increased risk of side effects. In a large clinical study, patients whose treatment was guided by the GeneSight Psychotropic test experienced a significant improvement in remission and response rates compared to treatment as usual.

Medication Management

At your follow up appointments we will review and reevaluate the necessity of your psychiatric medications. It is important as well to consider any new medications from your primary team or any other specialists, for example a neurologist. At each visit, based on your symptoms and your improvement we reconsider each one of your psychiatric medications. Any side effects you many be concerned about will be addressed as well; we are also happy to help with problems related to the pharmacy and the filling of your prescriptions.

Immigration Evaluations

For eligible patients who have an impairment or disability which prevents them from demonstrating their knowledge or understanding of the English language or American civic related information, our psychiatrists will evaluate if an exception can be made on your behalf. This exception is intended for people who have a physical disability, developmental disability, or mental impairment which has lasted over twelve months. If you request an immigration evaluation, please bring any and all medical information that you have in your possession, such as notes from your previous psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or counselor; in addition, please bring any documentation you might have from your primary care doctor, neurologist, or any other specialists you may have seen.

Collaboration in a Team Approach

We believe that through close collaboration with your primary care team we can offer the best possible treatment for your mental health. Commonly, issues such as anxiety, confusion, sleep problems, sadness can be made worse by medical problems, for example breathing issues like emphysema, urinary tract infections, heart failure, or thyroid issues. It is important for us to review and evaluate your routine lab work by your primary team to acknowledge any abnormalities. Furthermore, it is very important that your primary team be aware of how we are treating you, for example what medications you’ve been prescribed. By working together we can prevent unnecessary confusion and minimize delay in your treatment.

Bariatric Surgery Assessments

We provide psychological assessments for established patients who want to undergo bariatric surgery as well as evaluations for new patients. The purpose of this evaluation is to fully understand your reasoning behind the surgery, your readiness, identifying possible challenges or emotional concerns before or after the procedure. This assessment is critical for your surgeon and gives you the tools you need in case you have any concerns after the procedure.

Substance Abuse Treatment

We offer treatment for dependency on substance such as prescription drugs like Oxycodone or Xanax, alcohol, marijuana, or street drugs such as heroin or amphetamines. We can offer medications make your treatment more comfortable and increase your rate of success. We offer also offer specific (MAT) medication-assisted treatment for qualified patients with Buprenorphine/Naloxone (Suboxone) to treat opioid dependency. Please stop by our office for a full psychiatric evaluation which includes an assessment for substance concerns.

Healthy Lifestyle

Mental health is only one part of your overall wellness and our goal is for you to have a healthy life overall. We can offer information and teaching regarding staying active and incorporating fitness into your lifestyle (at any age.) With an evaluation of your psychiatric an other medications we can offer input and options to help you live the life you most enjoy. It has been scientifically proven over and over again that well being can improve mental health and help with your psychiatric concerns.

Dietary + Nutrition

Optimum weight is a key part of your body’s fitness and can reduce your risk for many diseases, for example diabetes, heart attack, or liver disease. With an evaluation of the foods you eat, we can provide support to keep your weight under control or to assist with weight loss; we can also evaluate your medications and offer input that may further improve your success. Most everyone knows that vegetables and fruits are good for your body, but we can provide information you may not be aware of.

Individual Therapy

Based on your individual needs and concerns, we can provide individual therapy based on several treatment styles. Some forms of therapy are extensive and can show results with personality issues, whereas others are more practical and teach methods in coping with anxieties or negative thinking. If you are interested in a particular form of therapy please visit our office and we can evaluate your situation.

Family Therapy

A branch of therapy that offers perspective towards relationships and interactions between individuals - if you have family worries or burdens, therapy may be part of the solution. Like individual therapy, there are many forms of family therapy as well as both intensive and short term options. Please visit our office for a full psychiatric evaluation and we can discuss family therapy in detail.

Parenting Skills

Many clients are interested in discussing skills to better nurture their young (or adult) child’s personality. As a form of psychotherapy we can offer input and feedback to help develop parenting skills and strengthen the family bond. We have available specific techniques and methods from classical psychology to help with common problems.

Anger Management

Hand in hand with medication treatment, we offer psychological therapy for the control of anger and impulse control. Through the mindfulness of triggers and acknowledgement of warning signs you will be able to reduce your temper and better control your behavior. We also offer meditation information and further relaxation techniques to calm you and reduce anxieties.